Magnasoft* 68 Textile Softener


Magnasoft 68 textile softener is a ready-to-use, self-crosslinkable silicone emulsion that typically makes most cotton and synthetic fibers exceptionally smooth to the touch. This water-dispersible emulsion may help improve textile elasticity, reduce wrinkles, enhance tear strength and improve fabric resiliency - all while delivering superior softness. 


Magnasoft 68
Magnasoft* 68 Marketing Bulletin

More About Magnasoft* 68 Textile Softener

This specialty silicone emulsion softener contains a modified reactive functional group that requires no catalyst to crosslink, forming a two-dimensional elastomeric film on treated fabrics. This elastomeric film typically imparts a smooth softness on fabrics, compared to conventional amino-modified silicone softeners. Magnasoft 68 textile softener may be applied by padding or exhaustion finishing.

Magnasoft 68 textile softener contains no alkylphenol-based chemicals (produced without use of APEO) and offers shear stability of the emulsion at pH ranges between 4 and 10 in a finishing bath. It is generally compatible with most finishing additives, but should not be mixed in formulations containing anionics, lower alcohols or salts, as these materials may break the silicone emulsion. When diluted to the recommended optimum dosages for specific softness, fabric type and finishing conditions, and used in cold water containing less than 200 ppm hardness, Magnasoft 68 textile softener may be a very cost-effective choice in textile softeners.

Potential applications for Magnasoft 68 textile softener include use as a softener in wrinkle-free finishes and thread lubricants on: 

  • Cotton
  • Cotton/PE-blended woven fabrics
  • Mercerized cotton goods
  • Wool
  • Wool-blended knits
  • Worsted wool wovens
  • Polyester fibers

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications, and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

* Magnasoft is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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