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Magnasoft™ Textile and Leather Enhancers

More than keeping up with growing demands faced by our textile-mill and dye-house customers, Momentive scientists continue to innovate the chemistry of textile softeners and enhancers. In the two decades since we introduced silicone polyethers for textile treatment and laundry softeners, the industry has sought an array of benefits beyond softness, including other aesthetic qualities, quick water absorption (or for leathers and similar fabrics, water repellence), color and/or shade protection, and easy processability for mass textile finishing. Magnasoft products, generally, not only deliver the particular set of performance characteristics desired in each application, but they do so at low use levels, opening the door to greater cost efficiencies.

The Magnasoft line of textile softeners typically offers multiple benefits because of the multifunctional capacity of our patented linear [AB] n silicone copolymer. By engineering these molecules to meet specific needs, our chemists have produced Magnasoft products that can deliver:

  • Soft, voluminous feel with hydrophilicity
  • Silky smooth feel with drape and hydrophilicity
  • Silky soft feel with nonhydrophilicity

We also have designed Magnasoft products to provide aesthetic benefits related to moisture management, such as whiteness or color retention, without sacrificing fabric softness. Our Magnasoft line can generally help impart other differentiating qualities, including breathability, stretch recovery, dry/cool feel and wrinkle resistance. Some grades do not interfere with soil release properties of fabrics treated with fluorocarbon soil release agents.

Many of the properties engineered into Magnasoft products can also enhance fabric strength and durability. Certain grades may improve fabric tear strength and abrasion resistance. In addition, many Magnasoft grades may even protect treated fabrics from the effects of aging and various dry/cure conditions typically used in textile finishing. They also can typically help products retain sensory qualities through numerous home laundry cycles.

Importantly, textile and leather makers have leveraged the multiple features of Magnasoft products to lower production costs without sacrificing quality. Magnasoft products disperse uniformly in water using common emulsifiers. Excellent stability to high shear in textile finishing baths, even with broad pH and temperature differences, is characteristic of most Magnasoft grades. These softeners are typically compatible with a full range of demanding textile processes, including high-speed padding, kiss rolls, exhaustion, jet finishing and overflow finishing. And most are effective at low use rates, which may directly benefit production cost efficiencies.

Our Magnasoft softeners have also aided textile mills and dye houses in replacing regulated substances, such as APEO (alkyphenol ethoxylates) and certain fluorine-based chemicals.

With careful selection from the more than 130 products in the Magnasoft portfolio, textile and leather makers can add just the right mix of value-adding properties to their end products, and they can do so cost-efficiently.

Explore the Magnasoft product family to discover the right solution for your textile processing needs.

* Magnasoft is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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Magnasoft™ 130LT Softener

Magnasoft* 130LT softener imparts a smooth, silky touch to treated fabrics without causing yellowing or other discoloration. Learn more.

Magnasoft™ 2059 Textile Softener

Versatile, economical Magnasoft* 2059 textile softener adds a smooth, slick feel to mercerized cotton, wool and wool-blend knits. Learn more.

Magnasoft™ 238 Textile Enhancer

Magnasoft* 238 textile enhancer is water-dispersible and may provide a soft, slick feel to treated garments while minimizing yellowing and improving shear stability. Learn more.

Magnasoft™ 305 Textile Softener

Magnasoft* 305 textile softener is a linear, aminofunctional silicone polymer that works to improve softness while enhancing the physical properties of fabrics. Learn more.

Magnasoft™ 310 Textile Softener

Magnasoft* 310 textile softener is versatile, easy to use and may significantly soften treated fabrics as well as impart good stretch recovery. Learn more.

Magnasoft™ 588TX Textile Softener

Magnasoft* 588TX textile softener can give fabrics a voluminous, soft touch and allow fabrics to quickly absorb water and perspiration without risk of discoloration. Learn more.

Magnasoft™ 590 Textile Softener

Magnasoft* 590 textile softener is a ready-to-use, water-dispersible concentrate that can balance a natural-feeling softness with hydrophilicity in fabrics. Learn more.

Magnasoft™ 68 Textile Softener

Magnasoft* 68 textile softener is a water-dispersible, self-crosslinkable emulsion that may help improve textile elasticity and fabric resiliency, as well as reduce wrinkles. Learn more.

Magnasoft™ 707 Textile Enhancer

Magnasoft 707 textile enhancer is specially formulated to brighten and provide deepening color for textile and leather.

Magnasoft™ 800L Carboxyl-Terminated Silicone Fluid

Magnasoft* 800L carboxyl-terminated Silicon Fluid provides durable, long-lasting waterproofing for all types of chrome-tanned leather manufacturing. Learn more.

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