Magnasoft* 2059 Textile Softener


A versatile and economical choice, Magnasoft 2059 textile softener generally adds a smooth, slick feel and soft hand to nearly any type of fabric. It typically cures to produce a slick elastomeric film as soon as water evaporates, without the need for a catalyst. Generally a cost-effective softener, Magnasoft 2059 textile softener can enhance a fabric's stretch recovery and ability to repel water, all while helping to minimize wrinkles.



Magnasoft 2059
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More About Magnasoft* 2059 Textile Softener

A self-crosslinkable silicone emulsion of an aminofunctional silicone polymer, Magnasoft 2059 textile softener is generally an excellent candidate for lubricating and softening the fibers and threads in mercerized cotton, wool or wool-blend knits. The typical result is an outstanding full spring and softness to fabric. It can offer good shear stability and is usually an economical choice for enhancing the softness of fabrics or for adding a soft, slick feel to natural and polyurethane (PU)-treated leathers. 

Magnasoft 2059 textile softener is produced without alkylphenol-based chemicals, such as alkylphenol ethoxylate (APEO). It is shipped ready to use, but due to high-solids content, dilution in cold or warm water is recommended before using this softener in a textile finishing bath. The best dosage depends on the type of fabric, its finish and the desired level of softness. Magnasoft 2059 textile softener may not be compatible with certain materials that can interfere with the silicone emulsion, such as salts, lower alcohols or anionics. It should be tested before use in factory production. 

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications, and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

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