XF42-334 Release Agent


Momentive's XF42-334 release agent is an excellent choice to consider for use as a foundry release material for manufacturers' mold-making processes, most notably for aluminum die-casting applications. This aralkyl silicone industrial fluid release agent combines heat resistance, good viscosity characteristics, lubricity and paintability - all with excellent emulsion stability.



More About XF42-334 Release Agent

XF42-334 release agent is typically emulsified - its emulsion is one component of a formulation that comprises up to 10 different ingredients - when utilized as a release agent. Through selection of the molecular weight of the polymer, the overall molecular architecture and the degree of its substitution with organic groups, Momentive developed XF42-334 release agent with the ability to be easily processed into a high-quality emulsion.  

When diluted according to defined procedures, XF42-334 release agent normally remains stable even over long periods of time. Once applied onto the die-casting mold, the diluted emulsion forms a film that acts as a release agent for the molten aluminum. By helping produce intricate articles that can be quickly painted over, this release agent can enable manufacturers to improve operational productivity.  

Potential applications of XF42-334 release agent include:

  • Release agent for aluminum die casting
  • Component of lubricating formulations
  • Leveling agent for paints and coatings
  • Foam control agent for paints and coatings


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