Silsoft* CLX-E Conditioning Agent


When hair is exposed to everyday aggressors, such as sunlight, pollution, chemical treatments or excessive heat, the hair can become coarse, brittle and more vulnerable to split ends. Silsoft CLX-E conditioning agent is a cross-linkable silicone with an [AB]n structure that can help hair care products combat these aggressors and help restore damaged hair to its original hydrophobic state. The result can provide improved manageability along with a soft, radiant appearance with effects so durable, they last through multiple washes. 



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SilSoft* CLX-E Marketing Bulletin

More About Silsoft* CLX-E Conditioning Agent

In addition to its exceptional  conditioning effects and hydrophobicity, Silsoft CLX-E conditioning agent can help to restore hair to a more youthful state by repairing split-ends and cuticle damage, as well, to  provide improved thermal protection and better overall conditioning on chemically relaxed hair. Most notably, Silsoft CLX-E conditioning agent can help maintain straight hair with less flat ironing and less frizz – even through 10 washes.

These and other benefits of Silsoft CLX-E conditioning agent are enabled by this product’s ability to form a durable network on the hair. Silsoft CLX-E conditioning agent is effective at low usage levels and is easily dispersed in water without the need for surfactants. As a result, it is an excellent candidate for products positioned for all hair types including ethnic hair. 

Typical Hair Care Applications:

  • Leave-on and rinse-off conditioners
  • Shampoos
  • Serums
  • Pre-treatment for hair dying
  • Color protection
  • Sprays
  • Thermal production

Silsoft CLX-E conditioning agent can also provide benefits in body wash and liquid hand soap applications.

For more about personal care formulations using Silsoft CLX-E conditioning agent or to learn about the benefits it can provide to ethnic hair, Contact an Expert.


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