e-free* 189 Silane


e-free 189 silane is the latest advancement in silanes for mineral coupling with all-around excellence in performance and significant improvements in processing, allowing for potentially reduced manufacturing costs. Developed for use in the manufacturing of industrial rubber and other applications, its physical properties also can increase abrasion resistance gains and outstanding reinforcement index. Even at reduced use levels, e-free 189 silane typically features easier mixing, faster processing time and quicker curing cycles—all resulting in higher throughput. This silane can also be mixed at a higher temperature without an increase in viscosity or the risk of scorching.



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More About e-free* 189 Silane

As a mercapto-functional silane, e-free 189 silane works to improve filler dispersion with increased silica/polymer coupling because of its ability to provide exceptional reinforcement index. e-free 189 silane may eliminate ethanol emissions- sometimes more than 97 percent- that are released during the manufacturing process  with traditional mercapto silanes.   

e-free 189 silane also typically features:

  • Long shelf life for uncured compounds, which leads to less scrap due to over-aged green compounds.
  • Improved modulus and tensile strength.
  • Excellent dispersion as well as low re-agglomeration.
  • Improved filler dispersion with maximum silica/polymer coupling   

*e-free is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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