SilForce* SL6062 Release Coating


SilForce SL6062 release coating is a typically fast-curing preblend of a vinylsilicone base polymer plus an inhibitor. SilForce SL6062 release coating is typically effective for smooth release of aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesives. When combined with a platinum catalyst and silicone crosslinking polymer, SilForce SL6062 release coating can allow for the release of aggressive, permanent adhesives used for pressure-sensitive label stock and tape.


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More About SilForce* SL6062 Release Coating

SilForce SL6062 release coating can combine a fast-cure inhibitor with long-chain nonfunctional linear polydimethylsiloxane structure - a combination that has the potential to significantly improve release performance without generally sacrificing rapid processing at reduced oven temperature.

Following application to liners, the volatile inhibitor present in SilForce SL6062 release coating is efficiently evaporated from the thin release coating as it is heated. With the inhibitor removed, the coating quickly crosslinks to a low-energy adhesive coating surface, capable of smooth release of aggressive adhesives at low peel speeds.

SilForce SL6062 release coating typically displays good holdout and offers a dynamic release profile. It is an excellent candidate to consider for applications involving aggressive or permanent adhesives on pressure-sensitive tape and labels.

Potential applications for SilForce SL6062 release coating include:

  • Pressure-sensitive label stock and tapes

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