Silwet* 806 Super Spreader


Silwet 806 super spreader is a super-spreading surfactant based on a trisiloxane alkoxylate. Silwet 806 super spreader can lower the surface tension of spray solutions beyond that which is achievable with most conventional adjuvants, typically resulting in rapid wetting, exceptional spreading, more deposition and better pesticide efficacies.


Tailor Agrochemical Coverage and Absorption with Silwet* Adjuvants

More About Silwet* 806 Super Spreader

In addition to these advantages, the low-foam properties of Silwet 806 spray adjuvant make it easier to handle compared to many other organosilicone-based super-spreaders. Silwet 806 spray adjuvant is nonionic in nature, making it useful to consider for a wide range of agrochemical formulations. In addition, Silwet 806 spray adjuvant has a low pour point that makes it a potential candidate for low-temperature applications.  

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.  

*Silwet is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


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