Silquest* A-1871 Epoxy Silane


Two distinct reactivities inherent in the chemical architecture of Silquest A-1871 epoxy silane work together to promote adhesion between select organic resins and inorganic substrates. The epoxide component of these molecules can react with a variety of organic functionalities. The silane groups can bond strongly to inorganic substrates. Silquest A-1871 epoxy silane thus helps to promote exceptionally strong adhesion in urethane, epoxy and acrylic caulks, sealants, adhesives and coatings.


Silquest* A-1871 Marketing Bulletin

More About Silquest* A-1871 Epoxy Silane

Because the alkoxy substitution in Silquest A-1871 silane is ethoxy and not methoxy, it will generate ethanol upon hydrolysis instead of methanol. This distinction can prove useful for applications in which methanol emissions are a concern.

With its ability to help enhance wet and dry adhesion, Silquest A-1871 epoxy silane can notably do so without contributing to yellowing that can be prevalent in amino functional adhesion promoters. Crosslinking applications in some resin systems may also benefit from Silquest A-1871 epoxy silane because its silanol groups have the ability to self-condense. Property enhancements that Silquest A-1871 epoxy silane can help deliver to formulations include:

  • Shelf stability and adhesion to glass and metal substrates in polyurethane resins
  • Adhesion to glass and metal substrates for epoxy, urethane and acrylic-based adhesives, sealants and caulks
  • Bonding between resin and substrate or filler, and determent of water ingress and/or surface corrosion in electronic encapsulants and packaging materials, , thereby supporting the stability of electrical properties and the reduced risk of electronic component failure
  • Wet and dry adhesion, tensile strength and water resistance in quartz-filled epoxy encapsulants, sand-filled epoxy concrete repair materials, and metal-filled epoxy resins for mold die tools

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications, and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

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