Silquest * A-1170 Silane


Silquest A-1170 silane may be considered for use in many applications to improve adhesion in coatings, adhesives and sealants between organic polymers and glass, metal, wood or cast plastic substrates. This silane is a secondary aminofunctional bis-silane that may also function as a coupling agent to particulate mineral fillers in many applications. Even in aggressive environments, including those with high temperature and humidity levels, it can enhance mechanical properties such as tensile and flexural strength.


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More About Silquest * A-1170 Silane

Amino bis-silanes such as Silquest A-1170 silane can be effective in reacting with epoxy, urethane, melamine, polyimide, phenolic and furan thermosetting resins, as well as many thermoplastics, such as polyamides and polyesters. Silquest A-1170 silane offers a fast cure time and/or rapid adhesion build. Because of its higher purity grade, Silquest A-1170 silane is an excellent candidate to consider for use in applications that demand low color and greater control of reaction stoichiometry. Silquest A-1170 silane is a versatile silane, and it may be added directly to polymers during system formulation or used independently as a primer.

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