CoatOSil* 77 Coating Additive


Water-borne coatings and ink formulations in particular may benefit from the incorporation of CoatOSil 77 coatings additive. It generally promotes a uniform finish and its air-release capacity can help to minimize defect formation. In addition, it can enable formulations to generate exceptionally low surface tensions - even when used in low dosages. 



CoatOSil* and Silquest* Additives, Surfactants and Silanes

More About CoatOSil* 77 Coating Additive

CoatOSil 77 coatings additive is a nonionic, organomodified trisiloxane surfactant to consider for the formulation of numerous coating systems. This molecule is often called a ‘superspreader’, because it has unique wetting and spreading properties when included in water-borne coatings and inks. It can also improve flow and leveling properties, while effecting air release. It can be considered for high-speed roll applications and for hard-to-wet surfaces.


CoatOSil 77 coatings additive solutions typically provide spread areas more than 100 times greater than the corresponding volume drop of pure water and 25 times greater than a conventional organic surfactant. In addition, CoatOSil 77 coatings additive is 100% active and compatible with a wide variety of water-borne, solvent-borne and radiation-curable resin systems, and can allow for ‘overcoating’ while still providing good gloss. In fact, CoatOSil 77 coatings additive can typically reduce formulations’ surface tension to 20.5 mN/mat at a use level up to 1% by weight.  Typical test levels are 0.1-5.0%.


Potential applications for coatings containing CoatOSil 77 coatings additive include, but are not limited to:


  • Wood coatings
  • Glass coatings
  • Spray or high-speed roll applied coatings
  • EB or UV curable paints and inks



* CoatOSil is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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