Velvesil* Gels for Personal Care


Momentive’s Velvesil gels are based on patented and unique silicone crosspolymer networks that can help deliver a luxurious feel and outstanding sensory benefits. Velvesil gels typically offer an exceptional feel during rub-in, promote easier spreading on the skin and leave an exquisite, long-lasting, moisturizing, powdery after-feel.

Our Velvesil gels can promote consumer-recognized enhanced sensory feel without tack. Velvesil gels help impart a luxurious velvety feel to a broad range of skin care and makeup products and can act as a binder for pressed powders. They can also be considered for adjusting product texture, ranging from cushioning to creamy or from custard-like to rich and whipped.

Velvesil E-Gel PMF emulsion was named 2018’s Best Sensory Ingredient by Cosmetics Design’s Global Beauty Industry Awards. This innovative product can be added to skin care and color cosmetics products to deliver an airbrushed effect, diminishing fine lines and skin imperfections. The silicone elastomer is incorporated into the water phase of cosmetic formulations to provide a refractive index close to that of skin. By diffusing the light on the skin surface, Velvesil E-Gel PMF emulsion produces an optical effect that can provide an immediate perception of younger, smoother, more moisturized skin; offer reduced contrast between wrinkles and flat skin areas; make enlarged pores and skin-tone imperfections less noticeable; and allow for a more natural look.

Velvesil gels can aid in the dispersion of pigments, delivering a brighter, more uniform color to makeup formulations and improved coverage in sunscreens. Some Velvesil grades, such as Velvesil Mul-T gel, are combined with Momentive Softouch* boron nitride (BN) powders and/or Silsoft* spreading agents to enhance ease of application, coverage, oil absorption and soft focus benefits.

From moisturizing and anti-aging serums to color cosmetics and sunscreens, Velvesil brand silicones offer innovative solutions that can improve the look, feel and performance of color cosmetics and skin care products.

Explore the Velvesil brand to discover how it can help provide desired benefits to multi-benefit personal care solutions.

*Velvesil, Softouch and Silsoft are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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