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Tospearl* Microspheres

Enhancing Performance of Plastic Films

Momentive Tospearl products’ highly uniform particle size, heat resistance, premium antiblock properties and low coefficient of friction make these T resins valuable components to consider for use in various films in the food, beverage and packaging industries.

The Tospearl FL line may serve advantageously as a plastics additive where slip and antiblock properties are essential, such as in BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) films and packaging applications. Low coefficient of friction, even distribution and uniform size enable Tospearl microspheres to perform as a premium antiblock for film processing. With excellent dispersion, high-heat tolerance and solvent resistance, Tospearl microspheres can help industries manufacture consistently high quality, higher-performance films.   

Momentive works closely with the packaging industries, adding new sizes of microspheres to our line to add new performance qualities to an ever-expanding range of products.  

Explore Tospearl microsphere options for plastic films.  

*Tospearl is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Japan LLC.

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Tospearl* 130FL Spherical Silicone Beads

Tospearl* 130FL spherical silicone beads are an excellent candidate for use in BOPP film additives due to superior slip and antiblock properties. Learn more.

Tospearl* 1100FL Silicone Beads

Tospearl* 1100FL spherical silicone beads have uniform particle sizes and low surface energies and may be used in applications where antiblock properties are required. Learn more.

Tospearl* 120FL Silicone Beads

Tospearl* 120FL fine silicone resin has low surface energy, which makes it an excellent candidate for use where antiblock properties are required. Learn more.

Tospearl* 145FL Silicone Beads

Tospearl* 145FL microfine silicone resins may be used as additives in BOPP films where slip and antiblock properties are required. Learn more.

Tospearl* 120
Tospearl* 130
Tospearl* 2000B
Tospearl* 240
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