Tospearl* 145FL Silicone Beads


Tospearl 145FL silicone beads may be considered for use as anti-block agents for producing premium plastic film. Measuring 4.5 microns in diameter with a heat stable spherical form, Tospearl 145FL silicone beads are manufactured with a precise and consistent particle size distribution. Additionally, the low surface energy of silicone can provide excellent slip properties, making Tospearl 145FL silicone beads excellent candidates to consider for faster, non-sticking film processes while still achieving a superior appearance for the end product. Tospearl 145FL silicone beads also are compositionally compliant with FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 (Olefin polymers) and, therefore, may be considered for use only as a surface lubricant or anti-blocking agent in films and in premium BOPP films for various packaging applications pursuant to such regulations.


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More About Tospearl* 145FL Silicone Beads

Encompassing highly uniform particle size distribution, Tospearl 120FL silicone beads are an excellent candidate to consider as an anti-blocking agent due to their ability attain a low coefficient of friction (CoF). They can also retain their original spherical form under high-heat conditions such as during extrusion processing.  

Potential applications for Tospearl 145FL silicone beads include:

  • Clear packaging films
  • BoPP film
  • PET film    

*Tospearl is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Japan LLC.

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