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Silbreak* Antifoams and Demulsifiers


Unwanted foams and emulsions, which are pervasive challenges to the oil and gas industry, may be controlled effectively and cost-efficiently with Silbreak antifoams and demulsifiers. The Silbreak line of silicone polymers includes formulations tailored to specific crudes, desired separation speeds and BS&W levels, lower demulsification temperatures, environmental requirements, and more. Our Silbreak silicone polymer products can work more effectively — and at a potentially lower overall cost point — than most competitive technologies.

Silbreak demulsifiers combine the high surface activity of the silicone polymer with the water or oil solubility of organic substituents. This combination can enable fast, efficient "breaking" of water-in-oil emulsions, separating water from crude oil. Silbreak demulsifiers may be used as boosters for organic demulsifiers at low concentrations, helping to promote overall cost savings. They may also be used alone to boost demulsification, especially in the face of time constraints or difficult crudes.

As foam control agents, Silbreak silicones, such as Silbreak 638 fluid, can be particularly effective in destroying surface foam and maximizing deaeration in gas-oil separators, thus enabling improved productivity by helping to minimize pump cavitation. Silbreak silicone products can control foam at low silicone metal loading in the foaming medium. Silbreak 327 demulsifier and Silbreak 638 demulsifier, in particular, are CEFAS-registered with a Gold Standard and No Substitution Warning.

Silbreak antifoam and demulsifier products may be considered for use in a wide variety of oil-and-gas-industry applications, including:

  • Foam control in gas-oil separators
  • Foam stabilization for underbalanced drilling and gas lift
  • Prevention of emulsion formation
  • Control of fines during acidization
  • Demulsification at low temperatures

Our most recent additions to the Silbreak silicone-based additives portfolio can even help modify surface wettability for improved proppant placement or increased well productivity

Explore our comprehensive lineup of Silbreak silicone-based additives for the oil industry.

* Silbreak is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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