NXT* Silanes


Momentive has developed NXT silanes, a revolutionary brand of coupling agents for silica tire compounds. Although consumers may not know they are there, NXT silanes in tire compounds can help lower fuel consumption by lowering rolling resistance of tires while improving wet traction. These properties help make a more safe, reliable and efficient tire.


Manufacturers have selected NXT silanes because they can enable improved processing in silica compounds compared to most standard sulfur silanes. NXT silanes are a blocked mercaptosilane. This makes NXT silanes more thermally stable - allowing for higher mixing temperatures with shorter mixing cycles under most conditions - and may help the overall throughput of a given mixer and also may lead to reduced waste. The plasticizing effect of the molecule allows NXT silanes to reduce compound viscosity versus most standard sulfur silanes, and may lead to a reduction of total mix cycles. Lower compound viscosity may also positively affect downstream processes such as milling and extrusion. NXT silane-containing compounds also exhibit improved aged viscosity stability, typically allowing for a green compound to stay on the manufacturing floor with little to no viscosity increase.

NXT silanes can have a positive environmental impact by enabling improved rolling resistance, which can help reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Compounds that incorporate NXT silanes may help achieve a lower Payne Effect, lower tan delta at 60° C, increased resilience and excellent low-temperature dynamic properties (-20° C to 10° C). When used with high-surface-area silica and functionalized polymers, NXT silanes may ease the processing of high-performance compounds.

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*NXT is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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