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InvisiSil* Silicones


InvisiSil optical silicones offer both optical clarity and protection required by advanced optical applications, including LED lighting materials. Delivering high optical stability and light transmittance, InvisiSil products also help contribute to the durability and reliability of devices through their long-term resistance to yellowing or delamination. Additionally, Momentive scientists continue to deliver enhancements in processability, with a broad selection of stable viscosities, as well as our patented Snap Cure systems for rapid, straightforward curing.

Formulated to perform effectively and reliably even in harsh environments, InvisiSil optical materials such as display optical bonding, OLED encapsulants, potting silicones and LED solutions help improve customer experience and extend the life of a product. InvisiSil silicones are typically engineered to improve light transmission and reduce surface reflection - which means better readability in sunlight and bright ambient light.

InvisiSil silicones may help shield electronics from the thermal shock of on-off cycling and reduce structure stress. Testing under prolonged heat exposure has shown an InvisiSil LED encapsulant to maintain nonyellowing light transmittance more effectively than the LED-grade epoxy substrate to which it was bonded. Tests have also indicated excellent UV stability and enduring transparency performance. As a passivation layer, InvisiSil silicone encapsulants can help protect electronics against moisture, chemical agents and physical impact.

Offering high purity, low viscosity, low volatile outgas and mild thermal cure, InvisiSil silicones help our customers to achieve process simplicity. Our recently introduced InvisiSil Snap Cure systems further improve processability by curing rapidly at room temperature without the need for UV exposure. This unique material design can eliminate the problem of shadow cure, while enabling users to rework materials for up to two days. And because the material cures at room temperature, it may mitigate CTE mismatch while experiencing shrinkage of less than 0.5% during cure, reducing the chance that thin panels will warp and cause "mura" defects.

InvisiSil solutions are also aiding our customers' sustainability efforts by protecting low energy consumption LED packaging from harsh environments while maintaining optical performance for an extended lifetime. The Momentive InvisiSil silicone brand family helps our customers create innovative solutions to engineering and production challenges in the LED, photonics, automotive, medical, aerospace and electronics industries.

Explore our portfolio of InvisiSil silicone products that are most suited to your applications.

* InvisiSil is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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InvisiSil IVS7620 Adhesive

InvisiSil IVS7620 thermal conductive adhesive is an excellent candidate for die attachment to LED packages. Learn more.

InvisiSil IVS9520 Transparent Silicone

Learn more about InvisiSil IVS9520 transparent silicone rubber, an excellent surface mount & silicone adhesive, also providing UV and temperature stability

InvisiSil* AM2211 OLED Silicone Encapsulant

Learn more about our InvisiSil™ AM2211 OLED encapsulant is a high purity and low-volatile-outgas silicone material that requires only mild thermal cure.

InvisiSil* AM4911 OLED Encapsulant

InvisiSil™ AM4911 | OLED Encapsulant | Momentive.com™ Learn more about InvisSil* AM4911 OLED encapsulant, a high-purity silicone material formulated to prevent overflow during screen printing and dispensing.

InvisiSil* IVSD3208

InvisiSil IVSD3208 dam material is an excellent candidate for forming the dam shape in multi-array LED modules. Learn More.

InvisiSil* OCS-100 UV-Curable Optical Bonding Acrylate

Learn more about InvisiSil OCS-100, UV optical bonding acrylate that can deliver increased light transmission of displays and touch-screen modules.

InvisiSil* OCS-200 UV-Curable Optical Bonding Acrylate

Learn more about InvisiSil* OCS-200, a UV-cure optical bonding adhesive. This one-part, adhesive is good for use in display and touch-screen devices.

InvisiSil* OCS-400H UV-Curable Optical Bonding Acrylate

Learn more about InvisiSil OCS-400H UV-cure optical bonding acrylate, an optical bonding material that offers a controlled viscosity of 40Pa.s.

InvisiSil* OCS-400L UV-Curable Optical Bonding Acrylate

Learn more about InvisiSil* OCS-400L, a UV-cure optical bonding acrylate offering a fast cure. Optimal for touch-screens and displays.

InvisiSil* OP1012 Thermal Cure Optical Bonding Silicone

InvisiSil OP1012 optical bonding silicone is an optically clear gel for touchscreen electronics and displays, featuring a stable modulus and low shrinkage.

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