Thermal Management Solutions for Automotive Electronics

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As devices are getting smaller, more powerful and more efficient, operating temperatures are increasing. Higher energy density directly translates into more heat. Therefore, the entire electronics industry is looking for better ways to cool and control the temperature of electronic devices. This trend can be seen across many market segments; ranging from Automotive to Consumer & Lighting, to Industrial Automation and Aviation & Aerospace.

Key Drivers:

  • Miniaturization and system integration
  • Higher energy density - More electronics in the same or less space
  • New chip technologies (GaN & SiC)  that will influence TIM1 & TIM2 temperature
  • Higher performance & more efficient & higher reliability
  • Smaller and lighter weight form factor

Thermal Adhesives

Our thermal adhesives offer enhanced adhesion performance and bond strength. Due to their elastomeric properties they can continue dampening even with high filler loadings, and provide high adhesion strength to allow elimination of screws. Because they are silicone-based, these adhesives can work in intense heat and very harsh environments, protecting against aggressive substances, and acting as a sealant, vibration dampener, as well as a heat conductor or insulator.

We offer a wide variety of adhesives, ranging from 1-part to 2-part, with varying viscosity levels and cure mechanisms.

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Thermally Resistant Gap Fillers

Momentive's SilCool* gap fillers are used to fill air gaps and voids to enhance heat transfer, and are excellent candidates for applications where low stress and good interface wetting are required. These products further offer tacky adhesion for applications where movements in x, y, and z directions occur due to vibration, thermal cycling stress and CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) mismatch. SilCool gap fillers offer exceptional performance in terms of reliability, adhesion, and thermal resistance. While initially proposed for automotive applications (e.g. automotive electronic control units and systems) SilCool gap fillers can also be considered for use in consumer and telecommunication or HMI applications where heat must to be removed efficiently.

  • TIA225GF gap filler
  • SilCool TIA241GF gap filler
  • TIA223G-DG gap filler


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Thermal Management Materials


Potting and Encapsulation


Optical Bonding

  • LOCA
  • Dam material
  • Housing materials

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  • Sealing material
  • Component fixing

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Potential Applications of Momentive’s Silicones for Automotive:

Powertrain (conventional or electrified)


  • Hybrid vehicle electronics and system devices
  • Electric control units
  • 48V system devices
  • Electric drive units
  • Inverter system and DC/DC converter
  • Battery packs and modules
  • On-board charger
  • Charging point
  • IGBT power modules


Chassis and Safety Systems

  • Engine sensor applications
  • Electric power steering
  • Electric cooling fan
  • Electric motor and pumps
  • Passenger safety sensor applications
  • Park distance control and other driver assistance
  • Autonomous driving systems
  • Body electronics
  • Lighting applications


Human Machine Interface

  • Car multimedia systems
  • Navigation and telematics systems
  • Premium instrument clusters

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