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Thermal Management Silicones for Electronics

Long-term, reliable protection of sensitive electronic components is essential to many electronic applications today. Increasingly small systems and rising circuit densities have resulted in hotter operating temperatures, and driven demand for high-performance solutions for heat dissipation.

Designers confronting these challenges will find a range of solutions from Momentive Performance Materials, Silicones. Our SilCool* family of adhesives and compounds deliver the high thermal conductivity, thin bond lines, and low thermal resistance required for high-performance components. For applications requiring moderate level thermal management, Momentive offers a selection of standard-grade silicone adhesives, encapsulants, and potting materials.

Thermal Management SiliconesThermal Management Silicones

Thermal Gap Filler Liquid Dispensed Pad
Thermal Management Solutions for Automotive
Thermally Conductive Encapsulants & Potting Compounds
Thermally Conductive Silicone Adhesives
Thermally Conductive Silicone Grease Compounds/Pastes

Key Features

  • Good mechanical properties
  • Property stability under harsh operating conditions
  • Low thermal resistance at thin bond lines
  • Very fast cure 

Typical Benefits

  • Reliability 
  • Compensate CTE mismatch
  • Extended component life
  • High productivity 

Potential Applications 

  • Power modules 
  • Sensors
  • Board assemblies
  • LED assemblies 

Thermal Management Materials Typical Physical Properties

(selected grades only; please contact us for material selection support)

Product  System (1)  Type Cure Time (2)  Thermal Cond. (W/m · K)  Color  Flowability  Feature
TIG210BX TIG Grease n.a. 2.1  Grey Non-flowable Low bleed grease
TIG830SP TIG Grease n.a. 4.1  Grey Non-flowable Screen printable grease
TIA216G AC, 2K Soft rubber 30 min @ 70 °C 1.6  Grey Flowable 8 Pa.s; tacky adhesion; UL94-V0, UL RTI 150 °C
TIA222G AC, 2K Soft rubber 30 min @ 70 °C 2.2  Grey Flowable 20 Pa.s; tacky adhesion; UL94-V0
TIA225GF AC, 2K Gap Filler 30 min @ 70 °C 2.5  Grey Non-flowable   Soft stress-absorbing rubber; can cure at room temp
TSE3281-G  AC, 1K  Adhesive  30 min @ 150 °C  1.7  Grey  Flowable  Adhesive 
XE13-C1862PT  AC, 1K  Adhesive  30 min @ 150 °C  2.4  Grey  Flowable  High elongation; pin transferable 
XE11-B5320  CC, 1K  Adhesive  TFT 5 min @ RT  1.3  White  Non-flowable  Adhesion at RT 
TIA0220  CC, 1K  Adhesive  TFT 10 min @ RT  2.2  Grey  Semi-flowable  Adhesion at RT; high thermal conductivity, UL94-V0 
TIA0260  CC, 1K  Adhesive  TFT 10 min @ RT   2.6  Grey  Semi-flowable  Adhesion at RT; high thermal conductivity, UL94-V0 
TIA350R  AC, 1K  Adhesive  30 min @ 120 °C  3.5  Grey  Semi-flowable  High thermal conductivity 

(1) AC = Addition Cure / CC = condensation Cure / TIG = Thermal Interface Grease         (2)TFT = Tack Free Time
Typical data are average data and are not to be ussed as or to develop specifications.

Thermal Management SiliconesThermal Management Silicones

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