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Niax* Catalyst LC-5636

Gel Selective Alternative to Most Metal Catalysts

 We understand. Stiff regulations and EHS concerns have made obtaining and formulating with mercury, nickel or many tin catalysts more challenging than ever. With a copper-base, Niax catalyst LC-5636 can offer environmentally less impactful alternative to these metals without an extreme loss in performance.  Testing has shown that Niax catalyst LC-5636 has shown similar – or even improved- pot-life, reactivity and cure rate compared to these metals. 

Niax catalyst LC-5636 is an excellent candidate for systems requiring an extended pot life, such as mechanically frothed polyurethane systems and coating, adhesives, sealants and elastomers (CASE) applications.

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More About Niax* Catalyst LC-5636

When considering Niax catalyst LC-5636 as an alternative to other delayed catalysts, it can offer an extended pot life and delayed gel reactivity performance close to that of di-butyl tins, mercury and nickel based catalysts1. Formulators testing Niax catalyst LC-5636 in urethane systems have experienced good cure profiles under thermal conditions. It can also maintain a good pot life in the absence of heat, making it an excellent candidate for replacing tin catalysts in cold cure systems2. When compared to nickel, it has shown to maintain similar pot-life and workability, but with a quicker cure.


In addition to its end-cure performance, Niax catalyst LC-5636 is generally more gel-selective than tin (IV) and nickel catalysts. Also, Niax catalyst LC-5636 does not typically participate in the blow reaction when used in the presence of small amounts of water and its performance is similar to that of mercury-based catalysts.


With its reduced environmental impact, Niax catalyst LC-5636 is an excellent alternative to many metal-based catalysts,offering an ease of use compared to these metals all while generally providing similar or potentially improved pot-life, delayed reactivity, thermal or room-temperature cure.


For key features, typical benefits, physical properties, potential applications and more, please download the data sheet.

1 Performance comparisons to other catalysts depend on use level, viscosity build and other factors.

2 In certain systems, post-cure may be required. Contact an expert to learn more about how this product may work within your formulation.

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