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Silcat* R Industrial Silanes 

Versatile Crosslinking Vinylsilane

Silcat R industrial silane is designed to modify polyethylene resins and provide a means of crosslink via moisture cure. This vinyl silane blend may be useful across a wide variety of industries and applications. From electrical transmission and distribution applications to electronics and industrial production, as well as for use in the exploration of oil and natural gas, Silcat R industrial silane may also be used in the transportation and aerospace industries. This specialized silane incorporates grafting and crosslinking catalysts in a ratio suitable for crosslinking polyethylene in commercially available extrusion equipment.

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Silcat* R Silane Marketing Bulletin

More About Silcat* R Industrial Silanes 

Silcat R industrial silane modifies polyethylene during melt processing (i.e., extrusion) and effects polymer crosslinking upon exposure of the fabricated polyethylene to moisture. This combination of vinylsilane/peroxide and condensation catalyst may be used across many potential applications, including HDPE, MDPE and LLDPE. Widely used in wire and cable insulation as well as PEX-b pipe, Silcat R industrial silane may be found in virtually every home and workplace. It also can be used extensively in heating pipes used in high-end radiant flooring.   

The finished resin resulting from the grafting of Silcat R industrial silane to polyethylene also has the ability to crosslink via a moisture cure process. It has shown both moisture resistance and abrasion resistance in wire and cable jacketing compounds, making it an ideal candidate for many other uses and applications.  

Potential applications for Silcat R industrial silane include:

  • Wire jacketing and low-voltage power cable insulation across many industries
  • Automotive
  • Electrical transmission and distribution
  • Electronics
  • Industrial production and exploration of oil and natural gas
  • Transportation and aerospace industries  

*Silcat is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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