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Silcat™ Silanes

Momentive’s Silcat silanes can help enable molded plastics makers to differentiate their products while keeping production costs low. For years our scientists have applied crosslinking expertise to match Silcat silanes to the specific needs of our customers. For example, our Silcat silanes grades can be developed to optimize the crosslinking of unstabilized polyethylene grades (LDPE/LLDPE) in the one-step Monosil process. Our grafting and crosslinking catalysts can also be incorporated in a ratio suitable for crosslinking polyethylene in commercially available extrusion equipment.

In polyethylene components that have been crosslinked with a Silcat silane, performance properties may meet or exceed those of peroxide- or radiation-crosslinked polyethylene components. Silcat silanes modify polyethylene resins chemically during melt processing (e.g., extrusion) and effect polymer crosslinking upon exposure of the fabricated polyethylene to moisture. Compared to other crosslinking agents, Silcat silanes may provide: 

  • Higher maximum use temperature
  • Reduced deformation under load (creep)
  • Improved chemical resistance
  • Superior environmental stress crack resistance
  • Increased abrasion resistance
  • Memory characteristics (for shrink film and tubing applications)
  • Improved impact strength

Silcat silanes also accommodate broader processing latitude. Polyethylene components made with Silcat silanes may feature complex shapes, of thick, thin or variable thickness. A high crosslinking onset temperature enables control of premature crosslinking in a wide array of processes. This onset temperature may allow higher temperatures at the feed section of the extruder, resulting in faster melting of the resin, better homogenization and improved grafting with higher output rates.

Silcat silanes are applicable to polyethylene densities and copolymers, and they are effective with filled composites. They can be used with stabilized polyethylene grades or nonstabilized resin used in association with an antioxidant master batch.

Lower fabrication costs result from Silcat silanes' compatibility with conventional molding equipment. They can be incorporated into a manufacturing operation with low capital investment, and they generally afford low operating costs and higher productivity. Shipping and storing these silanes may also be more cost-efficient and safer than with other crosslinking agents, as they provide enhanced stability at elevated temperatures.

Silcat products may be specified for high-density, medium-density, low-density or linear low-density polyethylenes (HDPE, MDPE, LDPE or LLDPE). Common applications include wire and cable jacketing, pipes and tubing. Our silane experts work closely with our customers to optimize formulations for use in utilities, construction, transportation, electronics, electrical transmission and automobile manufacturing. 

Discover how Silcat silanes can improve polyethylene processing and product performance.

* Silcat is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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