Thermal Gap Filler Liquid Dispensed Pad

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Momentive’s thermally conductive gap fillers are non-slumping, dispensable materials that can be applied to gaps to create a heat path. These non-adhesive curing type TIMs form a soft, stress-absorbing thermal interface. In addition to filling gaps in electronic components, they can be applied to flat or high-profile 3-dimentional surfaces as a cure-in-place thermal pad or as a pump-out resistant alternative to greases.

Key Features of Momentive's Thermal Gap Fillers

  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Fast, low temperature cure
  • Helps provide stress relief during thermal cycling
  • Conforms to complex, 3-dimensional designs
  • Non-adhesive, repairable

Product Details

Properties   TIS420C TIA225F TIA241GF
Mixing Ratio ((A):(B) by weight)   - 100:100 100:100
Property (uncured)   Non-Flowable Non-Flowable Non-Flowable
Color   Gray Gray Blue
Viscosity (23°C) Pa.s 300 90 130
Workable Life (23°C) h - 4 3
Tack Free Time min 30 - -
Cure Condition (heat) °C/h - 70/0.5 70/0.5
Specific Gravity (23°C)   3.2 2.9 3.14
Thermal Conductivity1 W/m.K 4.2 2.5 4.1
Thermal Resistance2 (BLT) mm2.K/W 20 (50μm) 35 (50μm) 30 (80μm)
Volume Resistivity MΩ.m 3.0x103 6.0x106 1.0x104
Volatile Siloxane (D4-D10) ppm 100 200 150

1Hot wire method, 2Laser flash analysis on Si-Si sandwiched material

Typical property data values should not be used as specifications



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