Momentive’s non-oxide ceramic powders and shapes and chemical vapor deposition ceramics enhance design flexibility and performance for many applications.

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Carbide Coatings

Learn more about Momentive's carbide coatings, which work to resist chemical breakdown caused by corrosive liquids and gases at extremely high temperatures.

CoolFlow* Boron Nitride Powders and CoolFX* Hybrid Fillers

Learn more about CoolFlow* boron nitride powders and CoolFX* hybrid fillers, designed specifically to enhance the properties of advanced polymers.

Graphite Monochromators

Learn more about Momentive's industry-leading graphite monochromators, designed for x-ray diffraction and neuron scattering.

High-Thermal Conductivity Graphite and Composites

Learn more about our high-thermal conductivity graphite and composites - the superior choice for cooling high power electronic assemblies.

Hot-Pressed Boron Nitride Ceramics

Learn more about hot-pressed boron nitride ceramics - specially designed for plasma arc welding, metal processing and semiconductor crystal growth equipment.

Pyrolytic Boron Nitride

Anisotropic, high-temperature pyrolytic boron nitride ceramic exhibits a superior combination of both high electrical resistance and thermal conductivity. Learn more.

Pyrolytic Graphite

Pyrolytic graphite is a unique form of graphite that possesses mechanical, thermal and electrical properties far beyond what is achievable with many conventional graphites. Learn more.

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Momentive Silopren* Self-Bonding Silicones For Medical Devices
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