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AgroSpred* 100 Wetter

AgroSpred* 100 wetter — An excellent replacement for NPE that increases spreading performance and improves spray coverage. Learn more.

AgroSpred* 106 Adjuvant

Spreader-penetrant stable across a wide pH range for In-Can formulation

AgroSpred* 200 Adjuvant

Improved spreading mineral oil adjuvant for insecticides and fungicides

AgroSpred* 910 Adjuvant

MSO-based adjuvant with improved penetration and spray coverage

AgroSpred* Flex Adjuvant

Improved spreading and adhesion across a wide range of spray volume

AgroSpred* Prime Adjuvant

Spreader-penetrant with excellent adhesion and penetration for herbicides

Antifoam OR-10 Emulsion

10% actives, OMRI listed food-grade silicone antifoam emulsion with excellent defoaming properties

Antifoam OR-90 Compound

100% actives, OMRI listed food grade silicone antifoam for fermentation and high alkaline formulations

SAG* 100 Antifoam Compound

100% actives, food grade silicone antifoam for non-aqueous systems

SAG* 1529 Antifoam Concentrate

78% actives, silicone antifoam concentrate for tank-mix applications

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