Momentive's Silver-Based Antimicrobial StatSil Products Inhibit Bacterial Growth

September 28,2009
StatSil: A New Platform of Silver-Based Antimicrobial Silicone Elastomers
ALBANY, N.Y., September 28, 2009 — Momentive Performance Materials has announced the launch of a
new platform of antimicrobial HCR and LSR products under the StatSil trade name. This family of addition
curable, high consistency rubber (HCR) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR) products can be used in a variety
of health care and consumer goods applications, offering built-in antimicrobial protection.


Products made from silicone rubber – both HCR and LSR – typically offer greater resistance to chemicals
than organic rubbers and can be used over a wide range of temperatures while maintaining a very low
compression set. Additionally, these products can help provide excellent biocompatibility, are virtually
odorless and are available with a multitude of international recognized approvals such as USP Class VI,
ISO 10993, BfR and FDA. The products may be considered for numerous applications across the medical,
pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.


One critical risk facing patients subjected to medical treatment in hospitals is the appearance of so-called
nosocomial or hospital acquired infections (HAIs), which can result from treatment as a complication to a
patient's original condition. HAIs associated with medical devices can account for high additional costs
across the global healthcare system. The main cause of HAIs is believed to be the build-up of biofilms by
multi-resistant bacteria and germs.


Medical device manufacturers are looking for new material solutions in an attempt to combat the issue.
In response, Momentive Performance Materials has developed a new family of silver-based antimicrobial
silicones, available in LSRs and custom compounds. Momentive’s StatSil elastomers range allows for
manufacturing of silicone applications in a hardness range between 20 and 80 Shore A. Significant
typical advantages include:


• No antimicrobial resistance to silver-based technology
• Silver-based technology does not influence processability
• Availability of products with food approvals
• Excellent resistance to temperature and chemicals
• Virtually no discoloration


“Our validation customers have been impressed with the antimicrobial activity and processability of the
StatSil materials,” said Dr. Burkhard Ledig, Marketing Manager for Healthcare in Europe, Momentive. “A
major medical device manufacturer has already achieved a 510(k) approval from the FDA for its new
generation of antimicrobial equipment based on the StatSil family. These new products are part of our
continuing effort to globally support the growing demand in healthcare applications based on silicone
elastomers, RTVs and gels.”


For more information about these new StatSil materials, please visit Momentive at Fakuma 2009 in
Friedrichshafen, Germany, October 13-17, 2009 at booth 2107, Hall B2.
*StatSil is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


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