TSR9300 Silicone Resin


A versatile and durable additive, TSR9300 silicone resin can help improve the optical diffusion of light within a plastic resin matrix.  With additional benefits that typically include  heat stability and a low reflective index (RI), TSR9300 silicone resin is an excellent candidate to consider for flat screen panels, lighting covers and other electronic components.



More About TSR9300 Silicone Resin

When mixed with plastic resins (such as polycarbonate) by an extrusion process, TSR9300 silicone resin can be formulated to provide a sheet with a white milky appearance that can bend or diffuse light rather than reflect light. This can enable fabrication of plastic parts that use a light source on the back side of the part. In addition, TSR9300 silicone resin typically maintains excellent heat stability that can withstand the plastic extrusion process. Because of the short distance from the light source to the diffusion sheet, TSR9300 silicone resin may also support the design of lighting fixtures where a higher temperature is created during service life.  

Compared to many standard polycarbonate resins that have a reflective index (RI) of 1.59, TSR9300 silicone resin can offer a lower RI of 1.42, which may allow for lower dosages to be used and potentially lower costs.  

TSR9300 silicone resin is manufactured with particle size diameter of 3µ. Momentive also offers other particle sizes for more precise design and better tuning of optical properties.  

Potential applications for TSR9300 silicone resin include:

  • LED Light Covers
  • Signboard
  • Flat Panel Display Light Diffuser Sheets
  • Light Diffusion Films
  • Light Diffusing Roof Cover Units

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