PEarlene* SiPC MB01 Silicone


A silicone gum master batch — enhanced with a modified polycarbonate carrier — PEarlene SiPC MB01 silicone can help improve extrusion rates, mold fill and energy efficiency. Formulated to guard against mar and scratch damage, while helping improve impact resistance, PEarlene SiPC MB01 silicone may be utilized to extrude plastics, copolymers and elastomeric formulations. A fully functional master batch possessing high levels of ultra-high molecular weight polysiloxane, PEarlene SiPC MB01 silicone is designed to be melted into a compound for use as a polymer carrier.


pearlene masterbatch marketing bulletin
PEarlene Masterbatches Marketing Bulletin

More About PEarlene* SiPC MB01 Silicone

With a typical usage between 0.2% and 1.6%, PEarlene SiPC MB01 silicone master batches modify the rheological characteristics of resins and compounds. This process may allow for an increase of throughput within fabrication processes as well as a reduction in drive torque and machine head pressure.

PEarlene SiPC MB01 silicone may improve lubricity of fabricated parts as well as mar resistance. Able to demonstrate superior scratch and impact resistance, PEarlene SiPC MB01 silicone also may increase efficiency to help decrease operational costs. 

Potential applications for PEarlene SiPC MB01 silicone include: 

  • Compounding operations 
  • Extrusion-based fabrication processes 
  • Wire 
  • Cable and pipe extrusion 
  • Injection and compression molding 
  • Blown and cast film 
  • Foaming operations 

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications, and more, please refer to the TDS on this page or contact an expert.

*PEarlene is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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