TSE3478T High-Strength Silicone Rubber


A translucent two-part addition cure mold making grade with oil bleed, TSE3478T neutral high-strength silicone rubber is formulated to generally demonstrate a superior resistance to the molding of aggressive urethanes as well as other resin products. Featuring an oil bleed, TSE3478T high-strength silicone rubber is designed to demonstrate excellent long-term release properties, which may help extend the life of the mold. As a mold making grade, TSE3478T high-strength silicone rubber is ideal as a potential candidate for building prototypes.



More About TSE3478T High-Strength Silicone Rubber

With its ability to create molds that may be ideal for home appliance, mobile phone and copy machine prototypes, TSE3478T high-strength silicone rubber may also be utilized when creating parts for the automotive industry, such as radiator grilles, console boxes and lighting prototypes. Designed to be durable with its specially formulated viscosity and oil-bleed release properties, TSE3478T high-strength silicone rubber may potentially achieve high levels of detail work from the master molded part, even after long-term use.  

Potential applications for TSE3478T high-strength silicone rubber include:

  • Prototype molds for automotive lighting, consoles and radiator grilles
  • Prototype molds for home appliances
  • Prototype molds for electronics and televisions
  • Prototype molds for mobile phones and copy machines
  • Silicone mold making

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