CLS 5000 Self-bonding, Liquid Silicone Rubber

Primerless Adhesion, Injection Moldable

CLS 5000 is a 67 durometer, biocompatible, two- component self-bonding liquid silicone rubber (LSR) for injection molding processes.  CLS 5000 LSR offers primerless adhesion to a variety of substrates including glass filled nylons, polysulfone, polybutylene terephthalates (PBT), steel, and aluminum. It is an excellent candidate for two-component medical devices, such as IV valves, surgical instruments and sealing elements.


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Silicone Elastomers for Healthcare

More About CLS 5000 Self-bonding, Liquid Silicone Rubber

CLS 5000 is a fast-curing, high tear strength liquid silicone rubber offering primerless adhesion to a variety of thermoplastic and metal substrates and is an excellent candidate to consider for insert and over-molding applications.  A nickel Teflon coating should be applied to the mold to help with part release from the tool.

Key Features and Typical Benefits:

  • Biocompatibility (USP Class VI, ISO 10993)
  • Primerless adhesion to nylon and co-polyesters, polybutylene terephthalates (PBT), stainless steel and aluminum
  • Adhesion to polysulfone after plasma activation of the substrate
  • High thermal stability
  • Easily pigmentable with LSR color pastes

Potential Applications:

  • Membranes and diaphragms
  • Surgical and dental instrument grips
  • IV components
  • Other hard-soft combinations

 Teflon is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC.

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