SilForce* SL6575

SilForce SL6575 is a thermal cure solventless silicone release coating system designed for use in the manufacture of release liners for pressure sensitive tapes and labels. SilForce SL6575 includes a vinyl silicone polymer, a cure catalyst, and an inhibitor for ease of formulation. SilForce SL6575 is characterized by a flat dynamic release profile. It may be suitable for use on paper and certain film substrates in one-and two-sided constructions.


The SilForce SL6575 system consists of easy and tight release polymers that are delivered mixed with platinum catalyst and inhibitor. The SilForce SL6575 system can be used with either of three silicone crosslinkers. 

  • SilForce SL6575 Easy Release Polymer pre-blend 
  • SilForce SL4406 Tight Release Polymer (CRA) pre-blend 
  • SilForce SS4300c Homopolymer Crosslinker, or 
  • SilForce SL4320 Enhanced crosslinker, or 
  • SilForce SL6020-D1 Copolymer Crosslinker 

SilForce SL6020-D1 crosslinker is recommended for fast cure at low temperature. SilForce SS4300c is used for superior anchorage to difficult substrates such as films or clay coated kraft. SilForce SL4320 combines the fast cure performance of SilForce SL6020-D1 with the anchorage enhancement of SilForce SS4300c. 


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