SilForce* SL3842 Release Coating

Silicone Release Coating for Bitumen Mastic and Aggressive Adhesives

Introducing SilForce SL3842, a silicone release coating that offers filmic liner release from bitumen mastics and other aggressive and high tack adhesives used in building and construction, self-adhesive noise insulation, automotive damping, bitumen rolled roofing and roof shingle applications. 


SilForce SL 3842 MB
SilForce* SL3842 Marketing Bulletin

More About SilForce* SL3842 Release Coating

Its key features and typical benefits include:

Key Features
Low release
High temperature release
Low initiation spike
Smooth release
Fast Cure

Typical Benefits
Easy liner removal
Easy liner removal on hot days
Non-zippy liner removal
Shelf life stability
Low temperature processing 

SilForce SL3842 is a polydimethylsiloxane addition-cure thermal solventless easy release polymer formulation that will typically be compounded as part of a multi-component system with a crosslinker and Pt catalyst. 

SilForce SL3842 offers inherently excellent reactivity that allows for curing at low process temperatures with temperature sensitive filmic substrates.  A low SiH:SiV ratio can also be used to minimize residual hydride interaction with the aggressive adhesive.  SilForce SL3842 can also be considered for PET film along with the appropriate AnchorSil* PET anchorage additive.

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