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Maintaining the appearance and functionality of a surface requires a coating that can deliver protection from harsh weather, high temperatures and abrasive chemicals. Momentive’s complete portfolio of silicone-based coatings can offer this line of defense for an array of hardcoat, release, weatherstrip and electrode applications. Our coatings can provide excellent thermal, chemical, solvent and abrasion resistance, as well as improved adhesion to substrates for applications from automotive glazing, headlights and trim, to sensitive electronic components and tapes and labels.

Our SilFORT* hardcoats can help extend the exterior durability and performance of polymers, and maintain their color, gloss, light transmission and physical properties. They can also help enhance polymers' weatherability and resistance to abrasion, chemicals and solvents. SilFort hardcoats can protect plastics found in automotive lighting and glazing applications, architectural glazing, and handheld mobile devices, enabling customers to replace glass and metal with lighter-weight polymers.

Our weatherstrip coatings are excellent candidates for enhancing numerous automotive sealing applications, including seals for windows, sunroofs, doors, vents and driprails. The cured coatings can help reduce vibration noise and provide lubricating, water-repellent and easy-release characteristics for surfaces such as EPDM rubber or TPE. 

Our electrode coatings can help protect the sensitive circuits and components used in electronic display panels from harmful elements, such as moisture and corrosion. Thus, adding to the reliability and longevity of the electronic system.

In tapes and labels, our SilForce* release coatings offer a wide range of curing systems, from thermal solventless, solvent and water to UV cure, that are typically accommodated through various formulations. When formulated, our SilForce release coatings can help protect pressure sensitive adhesives on tapes, labels and stamps before application.

Discover how our coatings can enhance and protect a wide array of surfaces under a broad range of conditions. 

* SilFORT and SilForce are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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Conformal Coating Materials

Our conformal coatings out-performed other anti-corrosion materials in tests, including acrylics, polyurethane, polyolefin & competitor silicones. Learn more.

AnchorSil* 2000 Release Coating

Anchorsil* 2000 release coating is an anchorage additive for addition-cure release coatings and untreated or treated polyester films. Learn more.

SilForce* SL6020 Release Coating

SilForce* SL6020 release coating is a cure promoting crosslinker for addition-cure and fast-cure release coatings. Learn more.

SilForce* SL6031 Release Coating

SilForce* SL6031 release coating is a controlled release polymer for addition-cure release coatings and high release applications. Learn more.

SilForce* SL6210 Release Coating

SilForce* SL6210 release coating is a Platinum (Pt) catalyst for addition-cure dynamic release coatings. Learn more.

SilForce* SL6510 Release Coating

SilForce* SL6510 release coating is a Platinum (Pt) catalyst for addition-cure high speed flat release coatings. Learn more.

SilForce* SS4300C Release Coating

SilForce* SS4300C release coating is a crosslinker for addition-cure release coatings and exceptional anchorage to papers and films. Learn more.

AnchorSil* 3000 Release Coating

Anchorsil* 3000 release coating is an anchorage additive for addition-cure release coatings and treated polyester films. Learn more.

AnchorSil* 9000 Release Coating

Anchorsil* 9000 release coating is an anchorage additive for UV cationic-cure release coatings and polyester films. Learn more.

CoatOSil* 2287 Silane

CoatOSil 2287 silane enables the formulation of coatings with improved wet adhesion and resistance to water and organic solvents. Learn more.

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