CoolFlow* Boron Nitride Powders and CoolFX* Hybrid Fillers


Enabling thermal conductivities of 10 W/mK or more while maintaining electrical isolation, Momentive's CoolFlow boron nitride (BN) powders and CoolFX hybrid fillers are helping our customers create thermoplastic products for thermal management applications. CoolFlow BN powders are highly crystalline with exceptional purity. Our proprietary manufacturing technique produces cost-efficient, high-volume quantities of these BN powders. CoolFX hybrid fillers maintain the benefits of BN powders while improving mechanical strength and adding cost advantages through a proprietary blend of materials as well as a specialized surface treatment.



CoolFlow BN Powder Grades CF500 & CF600

More About CoolFlow* Boron Nitride Powders and CoolFX* Hybrid Fillers

CoolFlow BN powders and CoolFX fillers may offer thermoplastic manufacturers an exceptional combination of thermal conductivity, electrical isolation, low density and processability. Testing of heat sink designs made from aluminum versus thermoplastics with CoolFlow BN or CoolFX fillers illustrate these advantages. In convection limited cases, a thermally conductive plastic heat sink cools effectively while being 20% to as much as 60% lighter than the aluminum counterpart. Furthermore, when the filled thermoplastic's higher material cost is offset by the cost of secondary machining and insulation required by aluminum parts, thermally conductive thermoplastic parts filled with CoolFlow BN powders or CoolFX fillers are cost-competitive with aluminum.  

The high-performance CoolFlow BN powders can be formulated in single-crystal grades with mean platelet size of 12 µm, for use in applications like thin films. Other formulations contain a mix of platelets and agglomerates with particles less than 50 µm, for use in plastic extrusion and filled silicone applications. Part designers can utilize the anisotropic nature of these platelets and agglomerates to tailor thermal conductivity directionally.  

In addition to their key beneficial properties of high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation, CoolFlow BN powders and CoolFX fillers are lubricious and nonwetting. Chemically inert and stable at high temperatures, CoolFlow BN powders and CoolFX fillers possess the properties needed to produce cooler, lighter and cost-competitive thermoplastic thermal management components.  

Potential applications for our CoolFlow and CoolFX boron nitride powders may include:  

  • LED light fixtures
  • Consumer electronic devices
  • Aerospace and automotive cooling systems
  • Motor and battery housings
  • Temperature housings
  • Heat exchangers  

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications, and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.  

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