SAG* 7133 Antifoam Emulsion


Extensively tested and proven effective, SAG 7133 antifoam emulsion can successfully control foam in even the most severe conditions within amine or glycol dehydration units. This antifoam emulsion offers immediate results with quick foam knockdown. Its excellent stability in the presence of salts typically means fewer deposits on plant equipment for longer service life and reduced maintenance costs.


SAG* 7133 Marketing Bulletin

More About SAG* 7133 Antifoam Emulsion

SAG 7133 antifoam emulsion is an excellent choice to consider for a variety of water-based foam issues in oil and gas, and for the amine units of gas sweetening plants, liquefied natural gas plants, fertilizer plants or refineries with typical benefits like:

  • Quick foam knockdown, which can resolve sudden increases in DeltaP in the absorber units or foam buildup in equipment
  • Excellent product stability under high temperatures and in high-salt concentrations, typically found in amine units or glycol dehydration units, which can help promote long, maintenance-free operations
  • Easy dilution with water;  simple to use
  • Reduced clogging or scaling, particularly within the heat exchangers, for less potential maintenance
  • Low doses required for effective foam control, which may result in savings and reduced fouling of equipment. SAG 7133 antifoam emulsion is typically two to three times more effective than many other antifoams used in gas treatment.

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications, and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

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