SAG* 672 Antifoam Emulsion


SAG 672 antifoam emulsion typically offers exceptional antifoam efficiency across any surfactant-rich system. Generally highly effective and durable, this silicone antifoam emulsion can work well with a wide variety of surfactant concentrates and foaming processes, while exhibiting fast foam knockdown. SAG 672 antifoam emulsion typically demonstrates superior foam control at high temperatures and over a broad pH range where it has proven to be long-lasting in both acid and alkaline conditions (3 pH- 12 pH). Along with good dilution stability, it normally shows superior dispersibility in both nonionic and anionic aqueous foaming media.



SAG* 672 Marketing Bulletin

More About SAG* 672 Antifoam Emulsion

SAG 672 antifoam emulsion may be a suitable foam-control agent for potential use in many chemical processes and other textile wet-processing applications, such as:  

  • Pretreatment processes
  • Textile print pastes
  • Textile sizing and scouring agents
  • Acrylic latexes
  • Thickeners used for textiles and nonwoven fabrics
  • Leather tanning applications 

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications, and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

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