Silwet* 641 Adjuvant Concentrate

Adjuvant Concentrate with excellent spreading for use with MSO

A chemically-bonded blend of nonionic and organosilicone surfactants, Silwet 641 concentrate is a potentially cost-effective adjuvant mix that uses methyl soyate. The use of methyl soyate generally reduces the  environmental impacts of the use of surfactants. This concentrate helps promote superior spreading and fast penetration deep into the cuticular layer of crops, also due to the effectiveness of methyl soyate. Consistent, effective performance makes Silwet 641 concentrate an excellent candidate to consider for pesticide treatment spray application.  

Silwet 641 concentrate is a synergistic combination of nonionic and organosilicone surfactants that allows formulators to develop potentially cost-effective spreader-penetrant adjuvant blends with sustainable methyl soyate oils (MSO). Superior spreading properties on most foliar surfaces along with fast penetration through the cuticular layer combine to create a unique and effective product that may be considered for use in spray applications of pesticide treatments.


Tailor Agrochemical Coverage and Absorption with Silwet* Adjuvants
Silwet 641
Silwet* 641 Marketing Bulletin

More About Silwet* 641 Adjuvant Concentrate

An optimized concentrate, Silwet 641 concentrate offers many advantages to growers. An organosilicone surfactant, it typically requires much less water use in pesticide spray applications than most conventional surfactants, with better foliar spreading and rainfastness. Additionally, the dual action of methyl soyate and Silwet 641 concentrate helps enable lower adjuvant when compared with most conventional spray adjuvants.  

In agricultural applications, Silwet 641 concentrate may be considered for use as a surfactant component in methylated-seed-oil-based adjuvants to provide potentially better spreading during spray applications. It is not compatible with mineral oil or standard vegetable oil.  

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.  

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