Safety Vision

At Momentive, Safety is about People and we see injuries as preventable.  Everyone in the Company works together to make each other safer every day.


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People:  Safety matters because people matter. Our behaviors must be aligned with the belief that all injuries are preventable.

Behaviors:  We will demonstrate safe behaviors and strict adherence to policies and procedures.

Accountability:  You are accountable for your own safety and the safety of individuals around you, especially those whom you lead.

Commitment:  Every employee must demonstrate a personal commitment to and participate in the continuous improvement of our safety culture.

Learning:  The Momentive culture recognizes the value in learning. Openness and innovation will drive the investigation of all injuries and near misses

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Our Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Policy

At Momentive we believe that it takes more than strong business results to build a great company. It also requires an unwavering commitment to a core set of values beginning with excellence in Environmental, Health and Safety. Accordingly:

We care about the safety and well-being of our employees, contractors and visitors to our sites.

  • Our behaviors and management systems reflect the belief that all injuries are preventable.
  • Each employee openly communicates all safety concerns as part of a relentless focus to eliminate hazards in our facilities.
  • We maintain the highest standards of security and are prepared to respond to all emergencies associated with our operations and products.


We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

  • We will operate in a safe and responsible manner that protects our employees, customers and communities within which we operate.
  • We will comply with all applicable EHS laws and regulations.
  • We will communicate openly about our risks and performance with all stakeholders.


We will protect the environment from adverse impacts associated with our operations and products.

  • We operate from a foundation of compliance that promotes pollution prevention, waste minimization, and responsible care.
  • We will educate our employees and communicate with our contractors, customers and the public on the safe and responsible use and handling of our products.
  • We embrace sustainability as an integrated business approach that creates long-term value.


We will foster a culture to continually identify, reduce, and manage process safety risks and that ensures our employees have the necessary support to safely carry out their responsibilities.

  • We design, operate and maintain our processes using industry recognized standards and best practices.
  • We will identify all hazards associated with our operations and manage them to a tolerable risk level.
  • Openness and a desire to learn will drive the investigation of incidents and near misses.


Jack Boss
President & CEO
Eric Thaler
Senior Vice President – Transformation  
Erick Asmussen
Senior Vice President – Chief Financial Officer  

John Moran
Senior Vice President & General Counsel
Joseph Reyes
Senior Vice President – Quartz & Ceramics 
Patrick O’Donnell
Senior Vice President – Global Operations
Samuel Conzone
Senior Vice President – Silicones & Specialties
Susan Walden
Senior Vice President – Human Resources
Craig Branchfield
Vice President – EHS

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