XL-PEarl* Silane Crosslinking Systems


Compounders that employ Momentive’s XL-PEarl crosslinking systems find that their compounds may benefit both from processing stability and from end-product performance enhancements. These crosslinking systems are specially developed for the manufacture of master batches based on porous polymer carriers. XL-PEarl crosslinking systems are formulated from a unique peroxide and silane combination that provides high grafting efficiency; and the high onset temperature of XL-PEarl grafting and crosslinking ensures good stability. Compounds made with XL-PEarl master batches have often demonstrated reduced scorch as well as minimal pre-grafted and crosslinked particles during extrusion.

XL-PEarl crosslinking systems may help compounders to optimize cost-effectiveness because of their versatility, stability and ease of processing. They are designed for use with nearly any polyethylene grade: high-, medium-, low- or linear low-density polyethylene (HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE). They can also accommodate new single-site catalyst resins. The stability of XL-PEarl crosslinking systems is reflected in a high SADT (self-accelerating decomposition temperature), and means that safe shipment and handling of XL-PEarl crosslinking systems don't require costly, specialized consideration. 

Comparing XL-PEarl crosslinking system blend technology with standard crosslinking agents, XL-PEarl crosslinking system-based master batches may exhibit less sensitivity to moisture. Special stabilizers in the XL-PEarl master batch formulation prevent premature polymerization of the grafting agent and provide excellent aging properties of crosslinked polyethylene. A higher speed line is also possible due to an increased processing window and reduced die pressure.

End products manufactured using XL-PEarl technology normally exhibit a premium surface finish, superior mechanical properties and excellent chemical resistance, and may withstand continuous exposure to temperatures up to 110˚ C under certain conditions. Depending on the individual blend selected, XL-PEarl products may help produce oil-and-gas-resistant piping for transmission purposes, and they are qualified to serve as potable water pipes.

Compounds created with XL-PEarl crosslinking systems can be tailored for pipe, cable and wire jacketing applications in the automotive, building and construction, water and heating utilities, electrical transmission and distribution, electronics, transportation, and aerospace industries.

Find the right XL-PEarl blend for your superior compounding process.

* XL-PEarl is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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*The marks followed by an asterisk (*) are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.