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Momentive’s TMP thermal management products — based on our unique TPG* (thermal pyrolytic graphite) technology — offer high thermal conductivity (>1500 Wm-K, typically more than three times that of copper), and they are created from a material that is about one-quarter the weight of copper. The ability to encapsulate our TPG in metal results in metal-TPG composite components that can be treated like monolithic metal components, but with the conductivity and weight advantages afforded by our TPG products.

TMP products are available as TPG-only thermal levelers, TC1050* style encapsulated heat spreaders, TMP-EX style encapsulated heat sinks and TMP-FX style encapsulated thermal straps. Often lighter than aluminum, specific TMP thermal management products may perform in a wide range of operating temperatures.

The crystalline structure of our TPG pyrolytic graphite in our encapsulated TMP products provides a highly conductive thermal path, while encapsulation metals provide structure, strength and stiffness. Momentive's proprietary bonding technology ensures that metal-TPG composite components possess intimate, void-free contact between materials. This results in predicted low values of thermal resistance. Also, the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of these composites matches that of the metal enclosure.

Our encapsulation technology also produces mechanically strong structures that are typically platable, machinable and solderable. TMP samples have shown little to no reduction in thermal performance after mechanical vibration and shock testing.

The thermal management characteristics of our TMP products can be essential to products in industries such as consumer goods, electrical transmission, electronics, aerospace and transportation. End-product applications may include: 

  • Heat spreaders in electronic packaging
  • Heat sinks in RF, microwave and laser packaging
  • Thermal cores for PWBs and avionics
  • Finned heat sinks
  • Heat spreaders
  • Thermal straps

Hermetic sealing helps safeguard the reliable performance of our TMP products. With high thermal conductivity, low profile, light weight and durable encapsulation technologies, TMP thermal management products can address advanced thermal management needs. 

* TPG and TC1050 are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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