SnapSil* Silicone Adhesive Sealants


Our SnapSil silicone adhesive sealants can generally enable electronics and electrical component manufacturers to optimize production speed and adhesion quality without exposing sensitive components to potentially damaging heat-cure processing. These room-temperature, condensation-cure adhesives form a strong bond to most substrates used in electronic components, including metals, polymer resins and glass. Their short, tack-free times may contribute to productivity in high-volume manufacturing.

Available in both one- and two-component formulations, SnapSil adhesive sealants normally are used when quick tack time, low volatility and primerless application are desired. Typically curing at room temperature with low odor, SnapSil silicone adhesive sealants exhibit excellent adhesion. Adhesive strength has been demonstrated in lap shear testing, and with SnapSil adhesives, failure mode of these tests has been cohesive and not adhesive. 

The SnapSil portfolio includes adhesives in both paste and flowable form, and in clear, white or black colors. They are noncorrosive to most metals. Typical applications may be as an insulating adhesive seal and fixative for electrical and electronic parts; as a waterproof sealant for electrical, electronic and communication equipment; or as a general adhesive for many metals, plastics and glass. 

Specific SnapSil grades can also provide special features such as flame retardance and thermal conductivity for bonding in power supplies, adhesion between electronic components and heat sinks, or securing PCBs to substrates. 

SnapSil adhesive sealants may also provide optimal productivity and adhesion to customers in the automotive, consumer electronics, solar and energy industries. 

Discover how our SnapSil silicone adhesive sealants may improve manufacturing quality and productivity. 

* SnapSil is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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