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Because of our long-standing partnership with textile manufacturers, we recognize the critical need for specific foam control agents tailored to help combat specific foaming challenges in elevated or ambient temperatures, surfactant-rich systems or aggressive ionic foaming conditions. And our SagTex antifoam portfolio has typically met such demands by generally providing cost-effective, prompt knockdown and lasting foam inhibition to various phases of the textile manufacturing process. In some cases, properties engineered into SagTex products have resulted in effective foam control at concentrations less than half that of competitive silicone antifoams.

Not only do SagTex antifoams typically help to eliminate costly foam buildup that can cause productivity drops or uneven scouring or dyeing, but they also are formulated to generally introduce no new processing issues, such as oiling, fabric spotting or agglomerates. SagTex antifoams easily disperse in water and are insoluble in most systems, both key benefits for durability of antifoaming performance. They are inert and typically leave no substantial residue or odor on finished products.

Explore the SagTex antifoams product family to discover the right solution for your foam control needs.

* SagTex is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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