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OphthaSil™ Silicone Fluid

Momentive’s Ophthasil brand of silicone fluids can provide contact lens manufacturers a wide variety of solutions needed to distinguish themselves in this highly competitive marketplace. We have united our silicone expertise with our collaborative knowledge of contact lens formulation and manufacturing technology to optimize the design of each product in the Ophthasil portfolio. Both standard and customized Ophthasil grades help empower contact lens developers to tailor not only oxygen permeability and lubricity, but also hydrophilicity, cure rate and compatibility with commonly used organics and siloxanes, all in ways that cost-effectively anticipate and meet consumer needs. Additionally, our R&D facilities can provide the analytics needed to support the innovative, successful products that our customers create.

Several Ophthasil fluid features may contribute to manufacturing cost reductions. Compatibility with contact lens components such as HEMA, NVP or DMA may eliminate the need for compatibilizers. Additional hydrophilic agents in some formulations may also be reduced or eliminated because of our inherently hydrophilic technologies. Films made with Ophthasil fluids in Momentive's screening lab have demonstrated high clarity, a range of oxygen permeabilities and water contact, and low contact angles competitive with traditional silicone hydrogel formulations. Simplified and streamlined manufacturing processes may result, making it easier for contact lens manufacturers to develop innovative new products.  

Our scientists are currently developing the next generation of OphthaSil products to offer fully water-soluble materials. With no organic solvents needed in formulations utilizing these Ophthasil fluids, contact lens makers have yet another opportunity to help lower their manufacturing costs and simultaneously improve lubricity and wettability of their hydrogel lenses.  

We offer a variety of molecular weight silicones and both PEG (polyethylene glycol) and non-PEG hydrophilic silicones (including ionic silicone methacrylates) in the Ophthasil portfolio. Other choices among our Ophthasil fluid assets include:

  • Polymerizable silicone monomers and macromers affording effective compatibilization of both hydrophilic and hydrophobic components in a formulation. Cured screening lens formulations made with these materials have demonstrated excellent transparency, oxygen permeability, water content and balanced modulus and tear strength.
  • Hydrophilic silicone monomers, macromers and prepolymers with linear, branched and pendant molecular architectures.
  • Carbosiloxane monomers specifically developed to be hydrolytically stable under both acidic and basic conditions.
  • Silicone-polyether processing aids that encompass a wide range of molecular weights, viscosities, HLB (Hydrophile-Lipophile Balance) values and solubility parameters.  

We characterize all of our Ophthasil fluid products with appropriate analytical tools. Our research and development centers are outfitted with UV, FTIR, Mass and NMR spectrometers as well as chromatographic tools (LC and GC). Our film screening capabilities include testing of water content, contact angle, Young's modulus, optical transparency, oxygen permeability and more.  

Developed with the demands of the contact lens industry in mind, Ophthasil advanced materials are versatile, high in purity and tailored to developers' needs.  

Discover how OphthaSil silicone fluid in contact lens formulations can enhance contact-lens consumer benefits and decrease manufacturing costs.

*OphthaSil is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


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