NuWet* Silicone Finishes


Our NuWet hydrophilic silicone finishes generally provide manufacturers with non-migrating characteristics, instant strike-through capabilities and durability through insults. We have formulated NuWet finishes to soften and enhance wettability of polypropylene, polyethylene and polyester nonwoven substrates, as well as cellulosic and rayon substrates.

Various grades of NuWet silicone finishes are typically water soluble or water dispersible. They generally provide durability throughout one- to three-time insults, with grades such as NuWet 550 silicone finish providing durability for up to five insults. Typically used during the nonwoven hydrophilic finishing stage, NuWet silicone finishes may be applied by pad bath, spray or kiss roll.

NuWet silicone finishes are typically an outstanding choice to help enhance hydrophilic properties of diaper coverstock, transition layers, shoe interliners, adult incontinence products, surgical and facial wipes, and feminine care products. These finishes also may help to minimize migration to unwanted areas, such as the hydrophobic leggings and waist areas of a diaper. Where instant absorption of liquids is a must, including tea bags, coffee filters, and gas, oil and air filters, NuWet finishes may also serve with excellent effectiveness.

Explore the NuWet product family to discover the right solution for your textile needs.

* NuWet is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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NuWet* 237 Hydrophilic Finish

NuWet* 237 hydrophilic finish helps increase softness and enhance wetness in polypropylene, polyethylene and polyester nonwoven substrates.

NuWet* 550 Hydrophilic Silicone Finish

NuWet* 550 hydrophilic silicone finish is particularly effective in enhancing the hydrophilic properties of products such as coverstock for diapers, surgical and facial wipes, and feminine care products. Learn more.

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