Indusil* Silicones


Indusil silicones work to improve industrial processes throughout a variety of markets as foam controllers, release agents, and resin modifiers, which can lead to improved productivity and lower manufacturing costs. From controlling foam in pulp production, to acting as release agents in the creation of metal castings and resin modifiers in electronics, Indusil silicones can effectively deliver excellent compatibility and performance in a variety of manufacturing processes.

Indusil silicones, such as the Indusil SQX range of silicones, are excellent candidates for use in polyurethane mold release formulations.  These silicones typically exhibit good heat resistance, an increased durability of release effect, and solubility in a variety of solvents and silicone oils.  Indusil silicones can also be considered for use as  film formers for uniform release properties throughout the mold.  These silicones work to improve the accuracy of mold reproduction during manufacturing, and thus a reduced rejection rate.  Additionally, certain Indusil silicones are used as components in water-based polyurethane mold release formulations to improve the compatibility with certain paints and varnishes to enable paint-over of certain articles.  All types of polyurethane casts such as shoe soles, spray PU skins, integral skin or cast elastomers as well as metal castings are examples of processes and products that can benefit from these characteristics and the use of Indusil silicones.


Indusil silicones are excellent to consider as resin modifiers for a broad range of applications, and especially those related to electronics.  In particular, Indusil silicones can offer more flexibility to epoxy resins, as well as the elimination of foam during their production. Polyurethane resins can also be modified with Indusil silicones to improve their release properties. The different types of reactivity of Indusil silicones can allow for their widespread use in all types of resins delivering improved thermal stability, lower coefficient of thermal expansion, improved transparency and better optical properties.


Discover how the line of Indusil silicones can offer compatible solutions for your manufacturing processes.


* Indusil is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


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