Geolite* Urethane Additives


Our Geolite family of stabilizing additives generally enables our customers to make polyurethane slabstock foam — with typically desired levels of hardness and other physical properties — at a very low TDI (toluene diisocyanate) index, generally using more water and much less auxiliary blowing agents (ABAs). In some instances, ABAs can be eliminated completely. Geolite grades are generally designed to service most grades of conventional slabstock foam.

A TDI index of 80 to 100 is typical of foams created with Geolite additives. They may help to produce foams that are softer, possess improved "hand," and exhibit compression set improvements over other additives and technologies used to reduce consumption of ABAs. Other properties are typically comparable to conventionally manufactured foam, and Geolite additives may help to reduce property gradients within the buns.

Geolite additives generally facilitate the manufacture of foams possessing greater air flow. Depending on the foam equipment, this improvement may also mean greater processing latitude. Specifically, they typically offer excellent processability of all soft foam technologies, and they can be useful with varied processing technologies, including mechanical cooling.

The addition of a Geolite urethane stabilizer generally requires no major capital investment, yields soft foam grades and typically permits usage of existing urethane raw materials. Geolite additives can be used alone or in combination with copolymers such as Momentive's Niax* silicones. Typically low-fogging and low-emission, Geolite additives are environmentally friendly.

Discover how Geolite additives can be versatile and adaptable for a wide variety of slabstock foam applications. 

* Geolite and Niax are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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