Formasil* Silicone Additives


To meet consumer demand for products that help provide a deep clean and great aesthetics — whether with a silky feel to fabrics or a high-gloss finish on hard surfaces — Momentive developed the Formasil line of silicone additives. An excellent candidate to consider for most aqueous, solvent-based or oil-based systems, Formasil additives can help provide exceptional soil and stain release and other deep cleaning properties. Able to be effective even at low incorporation levels, these additives can provide excellent surface effects that are both cost-efficient and durable.

The versatility of silicone-based additives helps provide excellent hydrophobicity in Formasil additive grades that may be considered for hard surfaces, and excellent hydrophilicity in grades that may be considered for fabric softening applications.

The hydrophilic grades are enabled by Momentive's patented linear [AB] n block-copolymer technology, equipped with a patented hydrophilic functional group. Unlike most traditional softening agents, Formasil fabric softening additives typically do not hinder fabric absorbency. They can therefore make possible multifunctional, one-product solutions for cleaning fabrics as well as softening them - with a remarkably durable and voluminously smooth conditioning effect.

For hard surfaces, Formasil hydrophobic grades help provide unique surface modification effects at low use levels, for a wide range of water-based and oil-based surface care products. Compatibility extends to most organic oils, like those used in furniture polishes and automotive waxes. The high efficiency of Formasil additives means that less active content may be required. Lower packaging and transportation costs may also be attainable.

Formasil additives, even in low concentrations, can help produce excellent hard surface effects including:

  • Soil release
  • Shine/gloss enhancement
  • Sheeting/beading
  • Depth of gloss

…as well as outstanding surface protection properties:

  • Anti-soil
  • Anti-scale
  • Anti-streak
  • Anti-fog

End products that utilize Formasil additives may also gain additional benefits, such as enhanced spreading, penetration and leveling.

This silicone additive line is an excellent candidate to consider for use in applications such as fabric softeners, kitchen cleaners, bath and shower cleaners, toilet cleaners, glass cleaners, polishes, and waxes. Formasil additive products may also be considered for many flooring and car care products.

Discover how Formasil silicone additives can effectively and efficiently enhance a wide array of household, fabric and automotive care products.

* Formasil is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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