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Inventing Possibilities

Discover How Ideas Become Innovations


Every idea starts with a question, "What if?" When you partner with Momentive Performance Materials, your understanding of what's possible is stretched and new horizons are reached. Our process of collaboration begins with getting to know you. Understanding your idea and the challenge it must solve. And along the way, you'll discover just how far asking "What If?" can take you.

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Innovations that Advance Industries

For more than 75 years we’ve had an unexpected, innovative way of solving challenges for our customers. And these solutions deliver real breakthroughs — and real results. Take a look at just a few of our innovation stories and let us know what we might invent with you.

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Helping Propel Ideas Skyward

When Neil Armstrong took his first small step on the moon’s surface on July 20, 1969, it wasn’t just a giant leap for mankind – it was a giant leap for GE Silicones. Armstrong took that step in moon boots featuring soles made from GE’s advanced silicone rubber. And today, materials from GE Silicones – now named Momentive – are used on every manned U.S. space flight.

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Driving Tire Innovations Ahead

The road to innovation often begins with a simple question: “What if?” What if you could increase fuel economy? What if you could enhance safety? What if there was a better way to manufacture a tire? Momentive is prepared to explore all these questions – because we’ve asked them ourselves. And we’ve delivered the answers.

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Enabling A Brighter Future

Momentive’s innovative Ultra Clear Silopren* LSR 7000 series technology is inspiring LED lighting manufacturers to change their materials of choice to achieve better optical clarity and durability, streamline manufacturing and create more intricate designs.

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Enabling A Visionary Contact Lens

The ideal contact lens should deliver high levels of comfort, lubricity, oxygen permeability, clarity and durability at a competitive price. That’s why Momentive is working with leading industry specialists to develop advanced silicone materials that are facilitating the creation of the next generation of silicone hydrogel contact lenses. And we’re continuing our research and testing to further refine material properties so we can help manufacturers produce lenses with even better performance.

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  • Momentive's New Florida Plant in Hot Pursuit of Zero Footprint

    For the past five years, Momentive's New Smyrna Beach, Florida acrylic sealant plant has been a hotbed of sustainable business practices. Under the leadership of John Noell, a sitewide, team-based initiative has implemented ten plans to address the plant's operational, environmental, and social impacts.

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  • Resources and Expertise Around the Globe

    Momentive has been supplying the world's largest companies with cutting-edge, high-performance materials for over 75 years. Headquartered in Waterford, New York, we have over 50 manufacturing and commercial locations positioned strategically worldwide. Every day, we deliver technologies to our customers around the globe that help create innovative, successful products that improve everyday life.

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  • Garrett, IN, Indiana
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