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SAG* 638 Antifoam Emulsion

Quick, Durable, Long-Lasting Foam Control

SAG 638 antifoam emulsion is an exceptional choice to consider to control or prevent foam in aqueous systems, providing immediate foam knockdown for quick results and reliable durability. It's typically ideal for textile pretreatment, print pastes, and scouring and sizing agents, as well as acrylic latexes and thickeners. Because SAG 638 antifoam emulsion requires a low concentration to reduce foam, it can generally shorten processing and maximize production capabilities.

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SAG* 638 Marketing Bulletin

More About SAG* 638 Antifoam Emulsion

SAG 638 antifoam emulsion typically functions well as both a defoamer and antifoam solution. Simply add SAG 638 antifoam emulsion to aqueous systems before foaming begins. SAG 638 antifoam emulsion is durable in both nonionic and anionic surfactant systems. It has also proven to be long-lasting in either highly acidic or alkaline conditions. It typically disperses easily in foaming media for immediate control, providing strong stability during emulsion compared to other antifoam products. 

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications, and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

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