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Niax™ and GeoCell™ Polyurethane Foam Solutions Expanded to Polyol Recycling Formulations And E-Mobility Applications

abril 23, 2024

Niskayuna, New York, – April 23, 2024 – Momentive Performance Materials group (Momentive), a leading global provider of high-performance silicones and specialty solutions, is pleased to introduce a new dedicated range within the GeoCell™ product family at UTECH EUROPE 2024, specifically engineered for polyurethane formulations using recycled polyols.  These additives support a more sustainable solution without compromising quality or performance compared to foam made with new raw materials.


The GeoCell range also includes additives for “mattress in a box” foams, that have demonstrated exceptional foam performance in terms of consistency and durability.  They ensure rapid and seamless foam recovery after compression, delivering the utmost level of comfort for mattresses.


Momentive’s latest innovations for rigid polyurethane foam include high purity silicones to enhance thermal insulation and surface quality in applications such as insulation boards, metal panels, and appliance formulations.  This is coupled with new trimerization catalysts based on a non-reprotoxic salt.


In addition to several new specialty applications, Momentive will also highlight Niax™ low-emission silicone surfactants and catalysts for e-mobility froth and molded foam, that enable weight reduction and increased mileages — and meet the most stringent OEM’s-specification for comfort, durability, and emissions.


"The fusion of innovation and sustainability is a core commitment for Momentive, as we consistently pioneer sustainable foaming solutions for the polyurethane industry. We prioritize regulatory compliance and environmental considerations, by focusing on the development of low-emission additives and more sustainable applications” said Thuan Nguyen, Global Segment Leader, PU.


Our extensive range of solutions for polyurethane foam, combined with our expertise and local testing, formulating and supply capabilities, makes Momentive the ideal partner for foam manufacturers. We specialize in tailor-made additive formulations for specific foaming challenges and optimizing performance.


“At Momentive, we are committed and continue to invest in this industry with the most recent plant expansion in Termoli, Italy, which enables us to optimize supply reliability and flexibility for Niax™ and GeoCell™ products, better supporting our customers in Europe and the Middle East,” said Thuan Nguyen. 

UTECH EUROPE provides an opportunity for us to offer our customers a comprehensive experience.  We are proud to present three presentations, highlighting:


  • "High-performance surfactants for domestic appliance formulations" on April 23rd
  • "Silicone surfactants for polyisocyanurate rigid foams" on April 23rd
  • "Sustainable solutions for high-quality flexible polyurethane foam" on April 24th


Momentive's latest innovations in GeoCell and Niax will be showcased at booth #E5 during the upcoming UTECH EUROPE show, from April 23rd to 25th, 2024 in Maastricht. To discover more about Momentive's solutions for polyurethanes, please visit us at .


About Momentive


Momentive is a premier global advanced materials company with a cutting-edge focus on silicone and specialty products. We deliver technologies, solutions and processes designed to propel our customer’s products forward—products that have a profound impact on everyday life from dawn to dusk, and from living rooms to outer space. With every innovation, Momentive aims to create a more sustainable future. Our vast product portfolio is made up of advanced silicone solutions that play an essential role in driving performance across a multitude of industries, including agriculture, automotive, aerospace, electronics, personal care, consumer products, building and construction, and more.


Momentive Performance Materials, Inc. is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of MOM Holding Company and is one of the largest producers of silicones and silicone derivatives. Additional information about Momentive and its products is available at                                                                                                





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